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Interested in Politics? Consider Psephology as a Career

During the General Elections we often marvel how news channels and agencies get their predictions right in every election. But, did you know they employ Psephologists to do their job for them. It is the psephologist who analyses trends and do a comprehensive study of elections and predict its outcome. Ever wondered that this could be specialized field of study?

Let us have better understanding of this so that we can share this with the students.

What is Psephology ?

Psephology is a branch of Political Science dealing with the study and scientific analysis of elections and trends related to it. 

It uses historical precinct voting data, public opinion polls, campaign finance information and similar statistical data. A whole lot of number crunching is involved at the back end for us to be able to see these statistics and draw conclusions.

Course of Study 

Psephology can be pursued by those who have background in one of the two: Statistics and Political Science.  There are hardly any universities in that teach the program specifically. It is usually taught as a part of the Graduate and the Postgraduate course in Political Science. 

Those who have degrees in Economics, Management, Sociology can also think of taking this up. Pursuing a postgraduate program is important to getting started in a career as a psephologist.


Psephologists are in huge demand in India, where elections are held in some state or the other regularly. 

Also their demand among various media groups have skyrocketed recently. They are usually contracted by one media group or the other to write relevant columns and articles pertaining to political science or sociology.  

Psephologists can also be hired by Political Parties or can also work as Freelancers.

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