What are the right steps to choose a career?

Career is one of the most important phases of every individual that one has to face at some point of life. The choice of career has to be such that at no point of time should the person regret being in the profession for career is something that would stay with you till you retire.

It’s not just the source of income, but it is the identity one carries; a title one will have even after the retirement. May it be engineer, doctor, police man, advocate or anyone; every individual even after retirement will be known as the same, with a prefix of ‘retired.

So select something that you will love to do and loved to be known for.

Following these few, but  simple smart steps, will help you select your career in a right way.

1) Check your interest

While trying to choose a career, ask yourself, “What would you do if you didn’t have to work?” The answer maybe not literally the best career choice but will surely give you an insight into what you probably love to have as a career option.

  • If you answer to be a music star, you could probably consider audio engineering or music
  • If the answer is to decorate your home, you can probably consider interior designing or
  • If the answer is to help the needy, you could probably get into social work with the right
  • If you love travelling, consider aviation
  • If you wish to serve humans or animals, accordingly you can choose the medical
  • If you love repairing broken stuff, you are an absolute engineer

2) Check Courses

Once you know where your interest lies, find the course that will help you achieve your dream.

  • For getting into media, Bachelors or Masters in communications will
  • To be a social worker, Bachelors or Masters in social work will be the right
  • For architecture and interior designing there are respective courses at Art
  • MBBS to be a
  • Management studies to get into the world of corporates.

3) Check your skills

Even as you find your interest and related courses, the most important is to know if you have the skill to do it. So before choosing the career, ask these questions to-

  • You may genuinely have a good heart and wish to serve people by curing their illness but do have the skill of understanding medicine and
  • You may what to become a scientist and research various things, but do understand
  • Investigating and reporting about a matter could be your passion, but can you present it
  • You may love to do the repair works but can you really understand the technicality of each and every part of an instrument?

If the answers to these kinds of questions are positive then you can be sure of choosing the option as your career.

4) Cost involved

After finally coming to the conclusion of choosing the career, the final step is to know the finance you will need. Whoever will be sponsoring your education, can the person really afford it? If at all the person cannot afford the course, you still have options like education load at a very low interest which you yourself can repay once you get a job.

A piece of advice

Make your passion or your hobby, your profession then you will never have to work in your life. Because what you will be doing would be what you love to do.

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