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Pratik Hazarika

Class 12,

DPS Guwahati

"Even though I wanted to become a computer engineer, but I did not take up Computer Science in my Class 11-12! Career Spark helped me figure out the path and now I study Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst"

Dayamay Paul

B.Des, IIT Bombay

"I started to prepare for JEE but I was not sure about engineering. Career Spark identified my potential and strength and guided me to choose the right career path in Design and helped me get through my dream college!"

We are very proud of the happy and meaningful careers we have paved over the years.  And this is just the start!

Aashi Agarwala

Class IX
Delhi Public School, Guwahati

This carer discovery camp was an amazing initiative which has gives me many options about which career I want to pursue and how I should do it.It has helped me uncover my true interests and also helped me decide what I really want to do. I wish that the camp would have been made more long so that we could have gone deeper into our choices. I think I will finally find my foundation and genuine interests, so I can find the perfect career options for me. Thank you Career Spark. I would really like to attend mare workshops.

Tanishk Agarwal

Class XII

Shiv Jyoti International School

It was a greally, great experience joining the Career Discovery Camp and learning about new Careers, trending careers, etc. It made me clear and focused towards my career and I came to know about my interests and passion. In this two-day workshop, I learned a lot about myself, my interests, what excites and inspires me the most. I am very grateful to Dinesh Sir and the whole Career Spark team for conducting such an awesome Camp and I wish that there will be more such exciting camps coming up. Thank you!!

Devansh Goel

Class X

Delhi Public School, Guwahati

Honestly, before attending the workshop, I used to think that I'm clear with my career choice and this would be pretty much 'not-useful? but I gave it a try. This really changed my perspective altogether from I have gone to 4 more careers that I never thought of. Dinesh sir's way of explaining & guiding really helped I really enjoyed coming here & I look forward to attend more sessions with Dinesh sir & would really like to get in touch with a Career Spark team!
Thank you career spark & thank you Dinesh sir!


Ashmita Bora

Class IX
Holy Child School

These two days has been really great. I really want to thank the team and specially sir for conducting this camp. Honestly, It has helped me a lot now after two days I am really clear about my career and the way or more like path to achieve it (about which I was confused earlier). The place the people everything were really great Lastly, THANK YOU I am really happy I attended this camp.

Shashank Tamuli

Class X
Indian Public School

It was really an awesome experience here in careerspark. I will strongly recommend this workshop to all my friends in the school. It gave us knowledge about different career options which will definitely help us in future.

Sabina Yasmin

Class IX
Sudarshan Public School

This workshop was really very interesting. These 2 days I enjoyed a lot. I gained a lot of knowledge about different careers. And also I got my own career. Therefore I choosed my own career on which I will be stable and try to achieve my goal. Before I was thinking to be a doctor but after joining the workshop I made sure to take another career which I liked the most and I want to get that career.

Piku Deka

Class X
Modern High School

It was a very nice and informative workshop and we had a great experience here. This workshop helped us a lot to know about our interests and foundation and it gave us knowledge about different career options and also we came to know about various trending career options. I would also like to attend any future workshop of career spark.

Shivaang Sinha

Class XI
International School, Guwahati

It’s been a really nice experience for me, attending this workshop. The Staffs really help you towards choosing your profession, and along are kind hearted. Provided, you’ll get to know about many more careers available. With the ability of hindsight, I probably would be able to choose my career.

Anweshan Garg

Class VII
Maria’s Public School

This workshop was amazing. The idea were diverse. Everyone was impressed by the new approach on finding a perfect career for us. I definitely think this workshop helped me to find out more about my interests. I am now able to actually imagine what type of careers I am most likely to pick, all thanks to dinesh sir and the members of the events. It was a fantastic event and grand success among the participants. Sir’s constant humour kept us entertained during both the days of this workshop.
I would like to thank teachers and mentors from my heart for organizing such a beautiful job!!

Parismita Deka

Class IX
Vivekananda Vidya Niketan, Tihu

It was a very good experience. In these two days we got to know many things about many kind of careers. Now it may help us in future to choose one particular career. And it may help us to be best in the field in which our interest is .
Moreover that Lahoti sir is a very good mentor and his lessons inspire us to be the best and to do what we want to do. And I would like to thank the whole team members of careerspark for holding such a great workshop.


Anwesha Mahanta

Class IX
Holy Child School

Honestly, Career Spark has helped me sort out my thoughts and confirm my goal. The, experience was really interesting and I look forward to more of these workshops. I would surely recommend careerspark to my contacts. The camp has also motivated me a lot.

Neelim Ranjan Deka

Class X
Modern Senior Secondary School

It was a really nice workshop. It was very informative and it has helped me to now think about the direction in which I need to proceed to sort out and select which career to choose. I think, such a workshop was very much necessary, to discover myself, my interest that would definitely help me in my future. Overall, it was one of the best workshops, I have ever attended.

Sandhyapriya Barman

Class X
St. Francis De Sales Narengi

It was an amazing experience here. The atmosphere and the people both were awesome. Specially, thanks to Dinesh Sir for sharing about so many career opportunities and how can be find it with our interest. I loved the people here. All were good and friendly
Now, I have a good idea about which career I could choose. All the students who participated were also good. I would obviously recommend careerspark to my friends and tell them to join these types of workshops


Medha Misra

Class IX
Delhi Public School, Guwahati

The workshop was really nice and helped me clear a lot of doubts as a lot of people used to ask what I want to become but I didn't have any answers. Also one thing is that I would definitely like to talk to sir personally sometime after I've understood my foundation and interests. Also I wanted this workshop to go on for a rather longer time or for more days as it was very helpful and I would really want to attend more workshops. Thank you

Prayash Kashyap

Class VIII 
Sarla Birla Gyan Jyoti, Guwahati

This two-day career discovery workshop was an amazing experience and we were able to gain more knowledge on how career could be chosen. We got to know about the best careers worldwide and some jobs best for us as per our interest. I would really like to thank Dinesh Sir for organizing the workshop and lecturing us on different career options. It was very interesting and we now knew hoe to combine our interests with our foundation for our best careers in the future.

Naman Jalan 

Class VIII
Sanskriti The Gurukul

It was very interesting. I learnt a lot of things about careers and the options I have. I can mix and match and make new careers. It was very fruitful. Thank you!

Keshav M. Agarwalla 

Class VIII
Sanskriti The Gurukul

I loved the workshop a lot. I discovered my interests and also got ideas how to implement it. So this workshop helped me a lot.

Himasmita Deka

Class XII

These two days were a great experience for me. Thanks to career spark and Dinesh Sir for sharing such good insight with us. Now, we are able to choose our careers on the basis of what we love or what makes us happy. Sir gave us the insight that career shouldn’t be the only source of money or living, it should be something that makes us happy along with giving us the source of living. Sir, described the topics, the career opportunities so well to us that now it has become clear in our head what we really want in our life, what will make our future a happy future. From these two days camp, I am clear with the idea that doesn’t choose a career just following others or just seeing others happy in that field, it may not be your spark or it is not necessary that just because it is making others happy, you will also be happy in that field. Find your inner spark, find your source of happiness, and then choose a perfect career for “yourself”. 
Thanks to “Career Spark”, Thanks to “Dinesh Sir” and thanks to the whole team for this initiative. Loved the whole concept.
Thank You!!
*Expecting more camps like this from you sir. :)

Karan Kaushik

Class X
Modern High School

It was a very enthralling and exciting workshop I could learn and explore different careers and opportunities to pursue. It was an amazing learning experience.

Trishita Kakaty

Class VIII
Delhi Public School, Guwahati

I learned many things about which career to choose and how to reach that career. I had my interests in Tennis and engineering. So, I got to know from this camp that I can choose both of them as career. Sir even gave me information about how to make my career in abroad. I enjoyed this camp very much.

Gayatri Teron 

Class VIII
Holy Home

It was very nice. I am very happy this day to be a part of this workshop. Here I had learn so many things and so many activities we done over here as well as they taught us about our career and they help us to choose what will be best for us. So, I really like the workshop.

Evansha Goel

​Class XII
Delhi Public School, Guwahati

The two day workshop has been a really amazing experience. Apart from the traditional careers followed and persued, we learnt more about trending and upcoming ones and we were also taught to explore and discover new unknown paths that can be followed. All thiss was Supported by awaring us about our own interests, capabilities, personality and foundation. Hence, the workshop not only helped us in discovering our best suitable career but also helped in improving our emotional quotient. The workshop was indeed enlightening and interesting all because of the team of careerspark. I would like to thank, and express my gratitude to Mr. Dinesh Lahoti Sir and the entire team of Career Spark for organising such an event and helping us out selflessly. I would urge the organisation to organise more such events.

Hrishikesh Sarma

Class XI
International School, Guwahati

This workshop has been a window for us to look into the future. A highly productive couple of days, with lots of interaction and fun activities is the perfect way to get children to discuss something as significant as their careers and future.

Shyam Prasad

Class XII
B.Barooah College

The experience of this camp was so great, the way Dinesh Sir explained the various aspects of a career for the first time I had an experience like this. The way the camp started the environment, sir's way of explaining Things, interacting with us, tricking our mind forcing us to think about the career we want totake was seriously awesome. The whole camp once I was literally thinking about in home & every where I go I am thinking about what I should take Yeah sir is great and I would really like to attend such camps in future. It really get me to focus & think about myself. A very great thank to the whole casserspark team! Thank you!

Aditya Vikram Mahanta

Class X
Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Guwahati

It was really a great experience and I was able to discover what my interests are. I had a lot of fun and made new friends. I would like to thank career spark for holding this event and I strongly recommend it to others also.

Hrishikesh Baruah

Class XI
Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School

This workshop was awesome from day 1. This workshop was totally worth it. We came to know about many new trending careers. And the support was totally amazing. Lastly as usual. The photographers, support staff was on point hope the same until next time.

Bishakha Phukan

Class XI
Kendriya Vidyalaya, IOC, Guwahati

It was a nice experience in this workshop. It was my very first time attending a workshop in career. After attending this class I felt like there are lots of career through which we can express our talents.

Udita Borborah

Class VIII
Shrimanta Shankar Academy

I got to explore many careers and was able to find my ideal career based on my interest. I even found other details like which are the perfect institutes and which are the streams and courses I have to study. I had interest in graphic design and I got so much information about it. Even if it was a two-day workshop, I got to explore and learn many things. I had so much fun and now I will be able to pursue my dreams.

Bhargab Jyoti Roy

Class X
Noonmati Public School

It was really a great experience. I was very confuse about my career before joining the workshop. And I got an Idea about what to do in future. I hope and I am sure that I will get my spark after doing the activities. I am very thankful to be a part of it.

Himshekhar Talukdar

Class XII
Kendriya Vidyalaya, IOC

It was really amazing discovering lots of careers with Dinesh sir and his team we not only discover ourselves and find our interest. In this two day session I got to know which step I shoud take next.
All thanks to Dinesh Sir, his team and Careerspark


Nirish Beria

Class VIII
Delhi Public School, Guwahati

It was nice. I came to learn many things about the careers. Before I was a bit confused about my own career and interest but now I have chosen my career as a target. So, thanks for keeping these workshop.


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