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Story of Pratik


"Even though I wanted to become a computer engineer, but I did not take up Computer Science in my Class 11-12! Career Spark helped me figure out the path and now I study Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst"

What was the problem?


Pratik was very much interested in technology and innovation. He didn’t have Computers as his subject in Class 11 & 12. But he wanted to study Computer Science after 12th and was looking to get admission abroad. He was finding it really difficult to shortlist the right college for Computer Science abroad.

What was he looking for?

He wanted to study computer science after 12th and shortlist top colleges which will actually play an important role in his career. He needed support and guidance throughout to get admission in a reputed college. 

CareerSpark Approach

Deep dive in the career of Computer to be assured about the choice made

Shortlist the right courses & colleges to study computers after class XII

Prepare for SAT, build profiles, and SOPs for college applications in the USA.

In Career Spark we believe in how a student chooses the right career along with excelling in it. It was clear from Pratik that he wanted to go for Computer Science. But to make sure about his interest we gave him a deep dive in his career in Computer Science with our Coding Coach. So that he can be fully assured about his career choices. Along with that, he experienced the field of Artificial Intelligence and also got trained for Digital Wellbeing for his own betterment and improvement.

The next thing was the role of our Head Career Coach. Pratik chose a country (USA) and made a list of reputed colleges to study computer science. So once shortlisting was done, the next thing we had to do is build Pratik’s profile as it is one of the most important criteria of admission in colleges abroad. We helped him with a couple of internships and a summer school at Brown University. 

We mentored him to prepare for the SAT exam which is the most important aspect of getting admission in the USA for graduation. Our overseas education coaches helped Pratik to prepare for the SAT exam in a structured way so that its preparation doesn’t affect his regular studies.

The Outcome

Pratik was sure about his career choice and was more confident to study Computer Science after class 12th. He also got admission in one of the renowned universities in the USA, the University of Massachusetts Amherst to study Computer Science. And most importantly, he got a vice-chancellor award in the form of a scholarship of $12,000 every year till he graduates.

Pratik found his spark in Computer Science. But he had to work really hard to get what he really deserved. This is the story of one student. There are millions who are yet to discover themselves and find their spark

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