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With our Design Mentor Kshitiz Anand

Associate Vice President of Design at Paytm

Design Leader and Educator

Get the right skills to become a Graphic Designer!






These are the topics you'll learn in this Masterclass:


Basics of Design

Color Theory & Psychology 


Information Design: Poster, Logos, Stamps

Design Thinking Principles

Photography Basics

Meet your Mentor

Mr. Kshitiz Anand

Associate Vice-President

of Design, Paytm

Mentor, Career Spark

Chairman, Happy Horizons Trust

MS in HCI Design, Indiana University,USA

President’s Medal Winner

B. Des, IIT Guwahati

36 Hours of



Here's how you'll benefit from this Masterclass:

✅ 12 HRS Theory Classes + 24 HRS Self learning 

✅ Deep knowledge of the fundamental skills in Design (the building blocks - that the employers are looking for in Designers)

✅ Work Experience on real-life projects (and not demo projects that will never be used)

✅ Get an insight on how to build a career in design (this course will also help you develop basic skills required in various design entrance exams like UCEED, CEED, NID, NIFT etc)

✅ A Professional Network backed by your Mentor, Mr Kshitiz Anand (so that you are already in a vantage position when you start your professional career in Design)

Who is this course for?

  •  School students who are exploring design as a career or are preparing for various design entrance exams like NID, UCEED, NIFT etc

  • College students who are looking to upskill themselves in the field of design or preparing for design entrances (CEED, NID etc at the masters level)

  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn design skills to improve their business communication 

  • Content creators who want to learn design skills to improvise their content, thumbnails and posts

  • Anyone who wants to explore the field of design

Age limit


Eligibility criteria

Enthu and a deep desire to learn something new

So what’s it gonna be? Are you ready to learn Design from the best?

HURRY! Next batch 

starts from 13th June

How much exactly is this masterclass?

Well here's the breakdown:

Learning Materials                             VALUE 4997

Live Sessions                                       VALUE 4997

Mentor Guidance                              VALUE 19997

Practice Assignments                       VALUE 4997

Completion Certificate                     VALUE UNLIMITED

TOTAL VALUE: 39,988 +



Watch the Full episode of

CareerSpark mentor talk with Mr. Kshitiz Anand.

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