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Study Abroad

Study Abroad from Career Spark  is Student Assist Program where a Team  of Career Experts helps a Student find the Right Country and  College  and  Course  vital  for  the  career they aim for. It is process  where  we   instill   learning   methodology   required   to acquire  global  skills  and  open  up  personal  and   professional opportunities.  We  do  it  through  assessment,  mentoring ,   and planning  to  make  sure  proper guidance is received along with making the student more self aware.


Processes Involved


3 C's Shortlisting

Standardized Test

Profile Building

Personal Application Strategy

Our 3Cs approach is developed  to  help  the  student  gain systematic and calculated insights  into the course, country and college  of  their  choice.  Choosing  the  right  path  of career   is  one  of  the  most  important,  but  overwhelming decisions you can make, and it  is crucial that you don't  go wrong. When you choose a career you are  choosing  work that you're likely to be doing for a  long  time  and  become an industry expert through education and experience.

Our  3C’s  Approach is to help the student gain a systematic and  calculated  approach  for  the  Course,  Country  and College choices. Choosing a career path to follow is one of the most important decisions  you  can  make. When  you choose a career, you are choosing work that you will likely become an expert in  over  time  through  education  and experience.

Building up a Toolkit comprising all the Strengths, Experience, and Personal Attributes required
for Studies aboard

We understand the limitless benefits of a good foreign education. But we also realize that it comes with taxing  admission processes that can quickly get overwhelming. Therefore,we are making an effort  to  give  our  students  an edge over other  candidates by building  their  skills,  elevating   their  profile  and  improving their applications that shall multiply their chances of securing a position in  their dream college.

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