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5 Signs that you need the help of a career counselor

There are many students who have completed their class 10th and class 12th but confused about which stream, which college, and career to choose. So, if you are also one of those confused students who don’t know what to do in his/her life and which career to choose then it is a clear sign that you need guidance from a career counselor. 

Here are the 5 signs that you need the help of a career counselor:

1. When you are clueless about your goal

Determining your life goal in your early stage is very important for every kid. Because of low confidence and so many career options, many kids fail to set their career goal and end up following other’s career path. So, if you are confused about your goal and can’t decide which stream and college to choose then you must get a career counselor asap. A career counselor will help you to find your career interest through a personality test and will guide you to reach your career goal.

2. You have got the talent but can’t focus

There are kids who got talent but can’t concentrate on one thing for a long time. It is one of the most common problems in kids which can kill the creativity of a child and can make him/her a mediocre. Every kid has talent but don’t know how to use it for a better future and sometimes who acknowledged their talent think it’s probably not the right thing to do or later I will do. The class 10th-12th time period is very crucial because you need to believe in your worth and recognize your talent to build a successful career. A career coach will help you to match your skills, interests, and personality to build a successful career path. 

3. When you are looking for a career option after graduation

After graduation also there are youngsters who are confused about what to do next and which career to choose. That’s why it is suggested to get career guidance at the right time as after completion of graduation there will be two alternatives in front of you whether to get into the job market or prepare for higher education. Choosing any of these options can be risky for your career if you are not sure about your goal. Therefore, proper career guidance can help you to decide on a winning career.

4. When you feel you have made a bad decision

You have been trying your best but still, you are underperforming in your exam or job then it may be because of the stream or job you have chosen. It is important for every person to believe in their ability and interest because if you possess a deep interest in something then you must build a career as per your interest. With the help of a career counsellor, you can get a clear picture of your career prospects. Moreover, they will plan your career path and help you to reach your career goal.

5. You know what you want but don’t know how to start

There are some kids who knows their interest but don’t know what to do to turn that interest into a winning career. To make a winning career one must have clarity about their choices and should have complete information about the industry. Due to the lack of knowledge about the courses and various job opportunities in the industry students fails to take the right decision. A career counsellor will help you to evaluate the development of your career path while helping you to define your goal. Career counselling helps to preserve your passion so that you can become the person you always aspire to be.

Choosing the right career may not be easy for every kid but if one can get proper career guidance then student can make good progress in their career. If you are clueless how to plan your career then join CareerSpark. CareerSpark has the best career counsellors in Guwahati with the help of which many students have built a successful career path.  


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