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6 Reasons – Why students need a career coach/mentor?

To dive into the right career path, it is very important for everyone to make the best decision at an early stage. School period is the most crucial time for every child to decide their future goal. During this period, most of the children get confused on whether to go for their interest or listen to other’s advice. Choosing the right career coach or mentor at the right time will not just help the child to decide their goal but also helps to enhance their mindset and build confidence to reach the goal.

If you are also one of them who is confused about which career to choose then here are the top 6 reasons why you need a career coach or mentor.

  1. Identify your skills – A career coach will help you to identify your skills using which one can make a successful career. Every child has some interest and skills but afraid to make a career out of it because he/she is not sure about the future. A career coach or mentor will help you to find your real career interest and give you insight into the industry. He will show you what are the various job opportunities available in the market and guide you through the journey to achieve your goal.

  2. Discover your goal – After discovering your career interest, they will help you to find your career goal. Right from which stream to which college to which profession, he/she will help you out to find your career goal. In other words, a career coach will help you to plan your career path and help you make it successful. 

  3. Build confidence while defining your value – Yes, a career coach will not just help you to find your interests but also help you to build your confidence while defining your value. Your career interest can be different from others and you might don’t know how to start working on those interests. A career coach will help you to identify your value and make you understand why you should make a career of your interest. 

  4. Make an informed decision about your career interest – A career coach will make all your career-related doubts clear and will help you to understand the evolution of your career while identifying the suitable steps which need to be taken to achieve your goal.

  5. Set goal and build your roadmap to your career destination – A career coach will make your career journey easy by helping you to set a career goal. Goal setting is very important for every child to make progress in their career choice. One can identify where he/she is heading with the help of a career coach while setting a benchmark to get there. Like mentioned in the above point, right from which stream, which college to India or abroad to which profession, a student will get a complete roadmap to his/her dream career.

  6. Gain ideas and lifelong skills from the industry experts – Through career counselling sessions, you will gain the skills and resources that will help you to get a clear picture of your career goal. Moreover, a student will learn career skills through which he/she can bring longevity to his/her career progress. 

Hope these reasons are enough for you to understand the importance of a career coach in a child’s life. If you don’t want to regret later for taking the wrong career decision better take the right decision at the right time. Join CareerSpark the best career counselling venture in Guwahati that offers the best career counselling services, online career assessment, online career exploration tools, and much more. 

Don’t follow the crowd, choose a career where you will find happiness and no regret.


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