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Career Spark: NERES 1.0 Winner

We have come up a long way pivoting our approach, again and again, to help the one in need but with the same vision every time, the vision of "Paving the path for one's happy and meaningful career."

We are really excited to tell you that your trust has helped us attach another feather to our cap! Yes, we have won NERES 1.0. Now you might think what NERES 1.0 is? Well, it is the biggest entrepreneurship summit in North East India which is organized by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship and FINER, sponsored by the North Eastern Council. All these credentials just mesmerize us. This achievement has added wings to our mission and vision.

And another great news is that we also received a grant of Rs.5,00,000 on winning this competition. For us, this grant is not a boosting material in our vision but also a confirmation that we are on the right track with our vision.

A competition where more than 1200 ideas participated and went through three rounds starting from February 2020 till the result announcement date, that is 23rd June 2020. And then becoming one of the winners has been quite a journey. And this would never be possible without the support of all the ones who have always been with Career Spark.

Thank you so much for your trust and continuous support. We are not going to stop till we help every student find their spark and till they excel in the field they have chosen

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Unknown member
Sep 21, 2020

nice articel on career by careersaprx. wonderful winner. apprricietd. can check our blog too thanks.

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