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Careers Not Requiring a College Degree

Let us discuss a few interesting career options that do not really require a professional degree in any particular field. The below

listed career options have proven to be viable and lucrative as well if the candidate possesses the right skills. 

  • Event Manager: Corporate firms and even individual families look for someone with appropriate skills to manage their event in a successful manner. Nowadays, weddings, parties and many events are celebrated in a grand manner and being an event manager will help individuals to keep on toes and people will have to execute and plan different ceremonies and events on this profession. On the basis of the contract, a creative mindset will help people to reach new heights in this profession.

  • Travel Consultant: Travel consultants coordinate and arrange travel for individuals/groups. Depending on one’s expertise and management skills, one can work for a travel agency or create own agency. Travel consultants need to have good network, negotiation skills and they must be technologically sound.

  • Content Writer: Content writing is a profession which requires adequate knowledge about the respective language and rules of grammar. Job opportunities for content writers are ample and come with the flexible working hours and decent salary packages. This is the perfect career for people who use words to express and share feelings.

  • Translator: With the advent of globalisation, the need for translators in professional capacity has witnessed a hike. Equipped with fluency in foreign languages, translators can find employment at the embassies, MNCs, hospitals, international organizations, tourism industry, etc. To become a translator, one needs to be fluent in many international languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin etc.

  • MC: MC or Master of Ceremonies is a person who hosts professional events, parties, etc. To make a career as an MC, one needs to have excellent communication skills, be sharp, have a witty sense of humour and the ability to think creatively. Although there are few professional courses to become an emcee, aspirants can polish their skills and learn new tricks under apprenticeship of a professional MC.

  • Voice-over Artist: A person gifted with a strong and deep voice, can become a voice-over or a dubbing artist and make a good living out of it. There are lots of job opportunities for professionals in this sector. To make a career in this field, one should learn voice-modulation techniques, which are necessary to be V/O or a dubbing artist. 


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