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How Career Counselling is helping and changing the lives of students in Assam

We all know the importance of having a successful career, but have you ever wondered what brings success in your career? Choosing the right career is the key to a successful career and one must get the right guidance for their career development.

It is true that with your age, your dreams also change by the time you reach class 10 or 12. Your career development is going to be a lifelong process and you must get proper nurturing to decide your career before reaching class 10 or 12. There are many factors that influence your career development, including your interests, values, abilities, personality, circumstances, and background. And to decide the right career path, career counselling is vital for all students to understand what you are and which career will suit your personality.

In Assam, students are still confused and scared of choosing a career of their interest because of limited career exposure in the Northeast. But Career Spark, the first career counselling venture in Northeast came to guide the right career path to the students of the northeast region. The career counselling process at Career Spark will help you to understand yourself better so that you can choose a career, education, and college as per your interest.

The goal of Career Spark is not just to help students to make the decisions but to give the knowledge and skills that one needs to make their future career and life decisions.

What are the major problems that every student face when deciding their career?

  • Which career to choose?

  • Will this career will suit my personality?

  • What will be the career prospect in that particular field?

  • Which course should I choose?

  • Which college will be good for me?

  • College within the state or other city or abroad?

Career Spark has answers to all your career-related questions.

How Career Spark is helping students from northeast to find their right career path?

Career Spark helps you to match who you are with who you want to be with its unique 5-dimensional model.

  1. Interest

  2. Aptitude

  3. Emotional Quotient

  4. Orientation Style

  5. Personality

Career Spark, Guwahati has a complete career planning Eco-System for you-

  • To help you with Career Assessment & Best Fit Matches

  • In-school workshops for career planning, course correction, and awareness about opportunities

  • Career Spark Talks with professionals to drive career awareness and inspire for success

  • College and course selection workshop to help you prepare your career roadmap.

  • Comprehensive career library with detailed information on hundreds of career record

  • Parent orientation to develop awareness and build a future focused on career planning

  • Blogs & curated career notifications on new-age careers

  • School dashboard for career matches, detailed reports, and progress charts for all students

  • Analytics-based decision making to help academic and student-oriented management decisions

  • Automated progress tracking of alumni to facilitate communication between current students and alumni

What are the benefits of Early Career Planning with Career Spark?

  • It will help students to get enough time for in-depth research and planning.

  • If any additional skills need to be acquired for a particular career, it can be planned well in advance.

  • Students who change their minds frequently will get a fair chance for trial-and-error and exploration.

  • It helps to focus more on ambition by setting clear goals.

  • It helps students to be more focused while minimizing distractions and aspire to work hard towards the goal.

If you have any career related issue or not sure what career to choose, you can join Career Spark and they will help you to find all your answers. To know more about career counselling or career coach, book an appointment now.


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