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Will You Take This Course on Batman?

Let me begin with this question…

In what universe can you enrol in a course where you learn about your favourite superhero?

When you think about a college course, you don’t usually think about studying comics or movies. This year marks the 80th anniversary of Batman’s first appearance, so how about enrolling into the university to study about ‘The Dark Knight’. Baltimore isn’t Gotham, but that won’t deter Batman fans from flocking to the city as the University of Baltimore is offering a course on the caped crusader. Titled ‘The Evolution of Batman’, the course explores the dark knight’s many interpretations over the decades.

And if that is not all, the course is being taught by award winning poet Stephen Levya and is based on the book ‘The Caped Crusader: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture’.

What will you learn on the Bat-syllabus?

Well, there are different versions of Batman. There’s the hyper-masculine, testosterone-filled version that you see in The Dark Knight Returns. 

The course will feature some of the Caped Crusaders greatest hits, including Batman: The Animated Series. Unlike some comic book creations, Batman doesn’t just change with the times; he changes with the creators and is a uniquely malleable character that can be interpreted through many different perspectives.

Students will also be able to have discussions on what is the real Batman?  Who is the real character?  What is his actual origin story?

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