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Paving the path

for your happy and meaningful career

with the help of our personal trusted mentors and proven techniques

How can I study abroad?

Course? College? Career?

Any career for my interests?

What stream should I choose?

How should I prepare for exams?

What are my options after 12th

What are all my options?

Everyone has these questions. 

You are not alone.

But an uninformed career decision might turn out to be disastrous for your future and impact you terribly in long-run. 

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We care for your future and that's the reason we work with India's best minds and leading mentors on our three-stage philosophy towards helping you with a sound career decision.


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Okay, how do you get to your happy career?

Stage 1 - Explore

The journey to success is paved with self-discovery. At stage one, we assist you to discover your strengths, explore numerous careers, and gain intense clarity with the help of:


  • Our Personal and Customised Guidance

  • Self-Discovery Framework

  • Career Assessments

  • Career Exploration Resources

Stage 1

Experience is an excellent way to taste all the career options that seem suitable to you. At stage two, we give you practical career experience with the help of:​


  • Internships and relevant Courses

  • Mentor talks with those who have been there, done that

  • Structured challenges & Hands-on projects

Stage 2

Stage 3 - Excel

Get to your

happy &



Stage 2 - Experience

To thrive in a chosen career or crack an entrance exam, you need constant human support. At stage three, we help you incorporate the right mindset, prepare faster for the exam and build a strong personal profile with the help of:

  • Personalized entrance test preparation

  • Profile building and application support

  • Personal Mentoring

  • “How to Learn” module

Stage 3

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So, here are your options



Stage 1

Deep dive within and the

world outside:

Personalized Guidance

Career Assessment

College & Courses

Stream & Subject

Study Abroad



Stage 2

Why only read, when you can experience


Career Masterclass 

Experiential Courses

Immersive Workshops

Mentor Talks



Stage 3

Let's excel in the path you

have chosen


One-on-One Mentoring

Profile building

Entrance Exam Support

Learn How to learn 

Developmental plans


Why should you believe in us?

Pratik Hazarika

Class 12,

DPS Guwahati

"Even though I wanted to become a computer engineer, but I did not take up Computer Science in my Class 11-12! Career Spark helped me figure out the path and now I study Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst"

Dayamay Paul

B.Des, IIT Bombay

"I started to prepare for JEE but I was not sure about engineering. Career Spark identified my potential and strength and guided me to choose the right career path in Design and helped me get through my dream college!"


Who would be your mentors?

Dinesh Lahoti

Internationally Certified Career Coach

Alumnus IIT Guwahati

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Founder & Head Career Coach

  • Certified Career Services Provider by the National Career Development Association, USA

  • Global Career Counselor certified by the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • First Internationally Certified Career Coach of Assam by Career Development Alliance, USA

  • Innovative Teacher Award Winner 2020

  • Successfully Mentored more than 1000+ students for different competitive exams like IIT JEE, CLAT, NEET, CAT, SAT, IPM, ACT, UCEED, NID, NDA, etc.

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Have any questions?

How should I care for and maintain my artificial plants?

There are a few different ways to clean and care for your plants.

To reduce the inevitable dust build up, the leaves and fronds and can be lightly dusted using either a feather duster or for more intricate areas we recommend a soft bristled paint brush.

A damp cloth can be used with a little warm water to get rid of any marks, then gently dried with a soft cloth.

To prolong the life of your artificial plants when placing them outside, we recommend keeping them in a sheltered area. While synthetic fabric is less affected by sunlight than natural fabrics (like cotton or real silk), it is still possible for colours to slowly begin fading when the plants are exposed to direct sunlight over extended periods of time. To be on the safe side, it's probably worth taking the plants indoors during spells of extreme weather, which might include storms or heavy snow.

Why don’t my plants look exactly like the images on the website?

All our trees and plants arrive with a protective wrap around them and the leaves pushed together so no loose twigs or branches can get snapped off.

We recommend you shape the leaves by pulling them into the position you like.

Many of the leaves and branches have wire within the stems and these can be bent into a natural shape or to face the sunlight. They are fairly resilient to being fluffed out to create the perfect shape for your environment so don’t be afraid to man handle them (unlike the care you'd take with a real plant)!

How do you make sure my plant and planter arrives in good condition?

The simple answer is care, precision and experience. We pack everything on our own site with the utmost care, using sustainable packaging where possible and always ensuring all aspects of the product are protected for their journey.

How do I return an item?

Please contact us within seven days of receiving the item to help us understand the issue with your item. Please note that this is intended not to challenge your reasons for returning an item to us. It often saves you (and us) unnecessary time and money with returning items - for example, if it makes sense for us to simply send a replacement. You can either use the Enquiry form further down this page, or call us: +44 (0)1580 201123

Once we've agreed with you on the conditions for the return, the items can either be returned through the Post Office or a courier firm (either arranged by us or yourself). We will let you know the warehouse returns address when you contact us. For us to collect the item(s) from your nominated address, we would deduct the fee from any refunds due.

To return the item, it must be returned unused in the original packaging. Remember to always put your name, address and order number in the parcel.

Once we receive the item(s) from you, we will process your refund within 28 days.

Do the planters have good drainage eg: if they're left outside in the rain?

All our planters include a drainage hole in the base to ensure water can escape and doesn't build up in the container. Please note that the material used for the artificial plants is weather resistant but will naturally deteriorate and/or fade over time if exposed to constant extremes of weather.

Do I just get an artificial plant in a pot? Or is there some sort of material to make it look like the plant is actually "planted"?

All our planters will arrive top dressed with a 10mm layer of bonded pea shingle. This ensures the plant looks like it's been planted (as opposed to floating out of the pot).

How long should it take to receive my order?

We aim to send all orders to UK mainland addresses within 14 days from the date of ordering. For destinations outside the UK mainland, we calculate charges and delivery times specifically for each order. Please contact us with your order details if you wish to receive your items to an address off the UK mainland.

Where's my order?

For UK mainland addresses, it can take up to 14 days for your order to arrive. If it's been more than 16 days, please contact us and we will do our best to track down your order as soon as possible. For non-UK mainland addresses, we will have given you an estimated date when you should receive your order. If this date has been exceeded by more than two days, please contact us and we will investigate.

What is Career Counseling?

Career counseling is a process that will help a person to make the right career, educational as well as life decisions keeping the strength & interest of a person in mind and guiding them throughout until they find the right career pathways.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a process of continuous support from a mentor to their mentee which encourages a mentee to develop themselves to the fullest potential. It’s a journey where experience, learnings, and knowledge is shared among mentor and mentee.

What is the role of a mentor?

A mentor is an individual who shares insights and information about his/her career pathways with their mentees. Mentors motivate, guide nurtures, and give emotional support to their mentees and help them grow so that they become successful in life.


About Us

CareerSpark is an experiential career mentoring and guidance venture that builds a holistic and unbiased career ecosystem. Our team of Internationally Certified Career Coaches works towards helping school and college students to bring clarity in their career choices and assist them to develop relevant skills and mindset required to excel in the chosen field.

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