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You are about to take the next step in your careers

You know about a lot of options BUT...

You don’t know the right path for you.
You are confused

Answer this question first

Do you ever find yourself

thinking any of these questions:

  • What will I do once my school years are over?

  • What will I do once my college years are over?

  • Will I be doing then what I love doing now?

  • Will I be earning enough money from what I am doing?

  • Am I going to love my job or business or whatever project I take in the future?

  • Is there any MAGIC PILL to turn my hobbies and interests into money-making careers?


Don’t worry. You are not alone in this situation

Most students and parents are not aware of all the new-age careers currently available in the market.

Those days are gone when you could choose among only 3 professions - Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer.

We are living in times when people get paid (that too, very handsomely)

  • to say jokes, 

  • to create videos 

  • to look after kids 

  • to teach computers (and not just humans) how to learn.


To do pretty much everything.

There are literally endless options to start preparing for a paid career now!

But we all know what happens when you have too many options, right?

You can’t make a CHOICE!

You are just too CONFUSED!



  • There is a MAGIC PILL.

  • It can clear all your confusions.


  • It can guide you to the best career of your life.


What if It can help you 

This MAGIC PILL is nothing but our one-of-a-kind

Career Counselling and Mentoring Program

where we help you 

This MAGIC PILL is nothing but our one-of-a-kind Career Counselling and Mentoring Program where we help you 


1. EXPLORE different career opportunities by understanding your core strengths

2. EXPERIENCE first-hand the careers you like and shortlist your favourite careers from there

3. EXCEL in the one career that defines who you are and can unleash your true potential


Stage 1 - Explore

The journey to success is paved with self-discovery. At stage one, we assist you to discover your strengths, explore numerous careers, and gain intense clarity with the help of:


  • Our Personal and Customised Guidance

  • Self-Discovery Framework

  • Career Assessments

  • Career Exploration Resources

Stage 1

Experience is an excellent way to taste all the career options that seem suitable to you. At stage two, we give you practical career experience with the help of:​


  • Internships and relevant Courses

  • Mentor talks with those who have been there, done that

  • Structured challenges & Hands-on projects

Stage 2


Stage 2 - Experience

plane (3).webp

Stage 3 - Excel

To thrive in a chosen career or crack an entrance exam, you need constant human support. At stage three, we help you incorporate the right mindset, prepare faster for the exam and build a strong personal profile with the help of:

  • Personalized entrance test preparation

  • Profile building and application support

  • Personal Mentoring

  • “How to Learn” module

Stage 3

Now, you might think why you need a

Career Coach 

  • To tell you about different courses, when you can do all the research yourself.

  • To tell you about different colleges and exams, when you can ask your relatives and friends.

  • To tell you about your strengths and weaknesses, when you can try lots of different things and find your strengths all by yourself.



Then tell us why you wear shoes when you can walk barefoot?

Having the shoes most certainly helps right? 

It protects you from any outside damage. 

It keeps you warm.

It makes walking a lot easier, doesn’t it?

And that’s why you need a Career Coach.

Because we have already done the hard work for you.

Through years of research and development, we know pretty much about all the courses under the sun.

Everyday, there’s some new course coming up.

A new college coming up.

A new profession or career coming up.

To be honest, sometimes even we find it hard to keep up with all the new developments.

But we are sure as hell that we have the best Career Counselling and Mentoring Program to guide you to your dream careers.

If you have any confusion in your career journey, don’t waste a second.

Book a FREE consultation call with us now

Who would be your mentors?

Who would be your mentors?

Dinesh Lahoti, Founder & Head Career Coach of Career Spark

Dinesh Lahoti

Internationally Certified Career Coach

Alumnus IIT Guwahati

Founder & Head Career Coach

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Certified Career Services Provider by the National Career Development Association, USA

  • Global Career Counselor certified by the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • First Internationally Certified Career Coach of Assam by Career Development Alliance, USA

  • Innovative Teacher Award Winner 2020

  • Successfully Mentored more than 1000+ students for different competitive exams like IIT JEE, CLAT, NEET, CAT, SAT, IPM, ACT, UCEED, NID, NDA, etc.

  • Ranked among Top 10 Career Mentors in India

Why should you believe in us?

Pratik Hazarika got admission at University of Massachusetts Amherst

Pratik Hazarika

Class 12,

DPS Guwahati

"Even though I wanted to become a computer engineer, but I did not take up Computer Science in my Class 11-12! Career Spark helped me figure out the path and now I study Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst"

Dayamay Paul

B.Des, IIT Bombay

"I started to prepare for JEE but I was not sure about engineering. Career Spark identified my potential and strength and guided me to choose the right career path in Design and helped me get through my dream college!"

Dayamay Paul is pursuing Bachelor of Design from IIT Bombay.
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