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Education Boards and 21st Century Careers

A Webinar Series


Get a global perspective of different education boards in India to help evaluate the right pick for you and prepare for 21st-century careers

Date : 2nd, 4th, 6th May 2021   |  Time : 6:30 PM Onwards

Do these thoughts often worry you, both, as a parent and as a student?

  • “I really want to go abroad but don’t know which board will be best suited for it”

  • “My child already has a career decided but I have no idea which board can prepare him/her for that”

  • “I have no idea what subjects and assessments the different boards offer”

  • “I am worried about my child’s future. My child needs to be future-ready, but I don’t know which board will support it”

  • “I am trying to switch boards but I don’t really know where to start”

  • “I want my child to have access to a better school, which I did not have in my times”

Yes, I do understand the uncertainty over what to do in such a situation.

Let's say the career has already been decided. 

The next step is to ensure a quality education that will assist in achieving those dreams.  

But ...

You are confused. 

You are not sure which education board will be the right pick for you to receive a quality education. 

What is unique about CBSE or ICSE or Cambridge Board or International Baccalaureate?

Which board is best suited to have a flourishing career?

Will switching boards now affect your academic performance later?

There must be a great deal of more such questions on your mind !!!

Your concerns are valid. Your questions are factual. Your dilemma is genuine. 

It is only natural to be confused, given the HUGE variety of options available in this day and age.

If you are aware of your strengths, interests and ambitions and want to make an informed decision so as NOT TO WRECK YOUR FUTURE OR THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHILD


Trust me when I say this, You’ve landed at the right place!

This will be an online Webinar via Zoom. 

Don’t wait around any more. Register immediately for the webinar series

See you on the other side.



Dinesh Lahoti

Mr. Dinesh Lahoti has been contributing immensely to the field of Education for the last 8 years. After passing out from IIT Guwahati in the year 2011 he started his first venture "Edugenie" and 7 years later he founded the Career Mentoring and guidance venture "Career Spark". His innovative techniques to teach Maths and reshaping the career guidance ecosystem had led him to solve the pain of more than 1 Lac students. 

He also got the Innovative Teacher Award 2020. He also became the first Internationally Certified Career Coach of North-east India.

He has also been named among the Top 10 Career Mentors 2020 in India by CEO Insights.

Awards & Affiliations


Career Spark

CareerSpark is an experiential career mentoring and guidance venture that builds a holistic and unbiased career ecosystem. Our team of Internationally Certified Career Coaches works towards helping school and college students to bring clarity in their career choices and assist them to develop the relevant skills and mindset required to excel in the chosen field.

Topics included 

in the webinar :

2nd May 2021

CBSE vs ICSE vs Cambridge vs IB

4th May 2021

Deep Dive into Cambridge Board

6th May 2021

Deep Dive into IB Board

Success Stories

Pratik Hazarika got admission at University of Massachusetts Amherst

Pratik Hazarika

Class 12,

DPS Guwahati

"Even though I wanted to become a computer engineer, but I did not take up Computer Science in my Class 11-12! Career Spark helped me figure out the path and now I study Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst"

Dayamay Paul

B.Des, IIT Bombay

"I started to prepare for JEE but I was not sure about engineering. Career Spark identified my potential and strength and guided me to choose the right career path in Design and helped me get through my dream college!"

Dayamay Paul is pursuing Bachelor of Design from IIT Bombay.
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